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November 17, 2010 / realestatetrainingau

Struggle with a purpose

If we have to struggle to get what we want (work hard, overcome a few obstacles along the way) and we get what we want, there’s a level of satisfaction involved in that achievement & we appreciate it more.

If we get what we want without having to work too hard for it (or at all), we don’t really appreciate what we have and may even begin to believe that we are entitled to it, and usually from that comes a sense of wanting more & deserving it – and that’s sometimes called arrogance!

Keep the importance and significance of what it is that we are working towards at the ‘front & centre’ of our minds. If it is good, worthwhile and of benefit, then the struggle to achieve the goal is a struggle with a purpose.

When we struggle for something that is good, and we do so with purpose, a passion develops for the task. This passion provides the distinction between people who have a ‘job’ and those who have a ‘career’.

Passion engenders enthusiasm and commitment in the individual, and those around them. The drive to succeed at the task is important when looking to enthuse others. The concept of team work is built around a group of individuals striving to achieve a common (or agreed) goal.

People working together to achieve a shared purpose is a very powerful tool. People supporting a driven, purposeful person is essential to the success of that individual.

It’s also important that those driven, purposeful individuals recognise the efforts of those who support them (& have supported them) in the achievement of that goal, or purpose or ‘destiny’.

A ‘champion’ (even in an individual pursuit) has not done it all on their own!


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