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November 26, 2010 / realestatetrainingau

little things count

The little things count most


It’s the little things we do that count, in the long run ………. Small, simple, individual “thank you” gestures often work a treat. The big, grand, ostentatious “thank you” can sometimes have the reverse effect.

Think of “acceptance” speeches at awards nights where everyone from the “star’s” nanny at birth to their third cousin’s second wife’s fourth daughter who was good enough to lend her a brooch for the night, and onto God for giving them the talent to do whatever it was they got the award for. Aarrggghhh!

It is important to match the gesture to the person, though. Singling a shy person out for recognition (no matter how well deserved) at a function which draws unexpected (& unwanted) attention to the recipient, may embarrass them sufficiently to reduce them to tears. What may have been more appropriate is something a lot more subtle – like a ‘Thank You’ card quietly delivered to their desk.

Deciding to give a bottle of wine to someone who doesn’t drink, sends a message to that person, that you don’t really know them very well, and haven’t bothered to find out too much about them. The gesture, whilst well-intentioned, rings a little hollow, and so, sort of misses the point. The recipient would, most likely, be gracious and accept it without comment, but it does show a bit of a missed opportunity.
Calling back when you say you will; providing information in a timely manner; being polite & courteous (even if we think they might not deserve it!); sending a hand-written 'Thank You" note – all count in establishing your reputation as someone who is reliable & worth dealing with.

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