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November 27, 2010 / realestatetrainingau

Importance of setting goals

In the Good Weekend magazine, 27 November, in an article This year I've learnt…, Australian swimmer Geoff Huegill says: "If you don't have goals, you don't have direction, and if you don't have direction, you don't have purpose, and if you don't have purpose, what's the point of getting out of bed every day?"
It set me to thinking that the importance of setting goals is fundamental to the way we go about doing what we do. Knowing what our goals are, identying them, actually naming them (& maybe even committing them to piece of paper), is so very important to having direction and motivation in our daily lives – be that in work, rest or play.
If we don't know what 'rocks our boat' then it is likely going to be sometime before we settle on a pathway that leads us to success. If we don't have goals and direction, then success will evade us.
'Success' will be very different for each person. The motivators for success are different for each person; and the steps we put in play to achieve that success are necessarily different for each person.
What cannot be underestimated, though, is the importance of setting goals so we know whether we are on the right path to achieve those goals.

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