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February 18, 2011 / realestatetrainingau

The secret to success – work!

We always get a lot of motivational speakers in Real Estate, or any sales profession really.  Remaining “pumped up” when times get somewhat tough is crucial, and most of us need a helping hand with that from time to time.

We came across a guy by the name of Larry Winget on YouTube this week.  He calls himself the worlds only “Irritational Speaker” (and has also trademarked that moniker!).  He is a bestselling author of books like “It’s called WORK for a reason”, “Shut up, stop whining, and get a life!”, and “Your success is your own damn fault!”.  Why does he call himself irritational? Well – he says – its because he tells people the truth that they often don’t want to hear. 

But he is also at times – dare I say it – down right funny.  In this video, Larry talks about the “secret to success”.  We’ll leave you with this thought for the weekend.  Good selling people!









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