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March 11, 2011 / realestatetrainingau

Prepare to be uncertain – BRW article

“Over and over in the history of predictions it isn't one expert who tries and fails to predict the future. It’s whole legions of experts.” This is in a brilliant BRW article (3-9 March, 2011) Prepare to be uncertain.
The article talks about how we tend to rely on the advice of experts, even when they have been wrong in the past, and we know they're wrong now – but we still feel the comfort of their "expertise".
Real estate agents can be like that, too, looking to have all the data at their disposal, when sometimes their local knowledge speaks against the information issued by the "experts". Being able to handle that is important when dealing with clients who have done some research, but might not have all the local information.
The article talks about "experience" and "expertise" – at BPG we try to ensure experience counts when dealing with our clients. Most agents would like to think their experience in their local area is worth at least as much as the expertise of those providing the statistical data in the media.

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