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March 14, 2011 / realestatetrainingau

Ways to spice up your job

I was intrigued this week by a post on entitled 3 ways to spice up a boring job.  The title was the first thing to interest me (not because my job is boring!), but purely out of interest as to how to rectify the situation if your job is.  I was really impressed to learn that the basic recommendations were:

1. Ask for more responsibility

2. Ask for more education

3. Look at Self Education

Wow, someone completely on our wavelength!  Why should you look at education if you are not so scintillated by your current role?  Because education is never wasted and can always take you places.  For example, complete a Real Estate Course of some sort now, and even if it doesnt help you in your current role, it may do so in the future.  Education stimulates the brain and makes life more interesting.  And if you happen to join a course, you can expand your network and meet other people.

Spice up your current role and visit today!




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