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March 16, 2011 / realestatetrainingau

5 keys to generating high quality referrals

Sales 101.  Build a relationship, close the sale, then ask for three referrals.  Its definitely what you are advised to do if you’re in Real Estate Sales.  All very well and good, but often using this approach the referrals that you receive may not be so hot!  According to Paul McCord in the popular sales blog “Eyes on Sales“…

…there are a few salespeople and business owners who have found a way to not only generate more than just a few referrals, but somehow they manage to generate enough high quality referrals to run very successful sales practices almost exclusively from the referrals they receive from their clients. 

Do they have some great secret the rest of us don’t know?

In a sense, they do know something most of us don’t.  They’ve learned that what most of us are doing to get referrals—just asking a question such as, “Ms. Client, do you know of anyone else that I might help”—doesn’t work. 

Moreover, they have learned ways that do work.

If you would like to supercharge your referral strategies from lukewarm to superhot, you need to take a look at the full article by clicking here.



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